Pre-installed Apps


What is the first thing you do when you first open your new smartphone? 

Most of our customers (and collaborators) admitted to rush on the App Store to download WhatsApp, Facebook, BBM and Skype on their brand-new smartphone.

Dream Mobile does it for you!

Every single Dream Mobile devices come with WhatsApp, Facebook, BBM and Skype already pre-installed. No need to spend time and data money to download them! Please, find the link to download our Appstore below: 


Preloaded Apps on the DreamOS


What about Mobogenie?

It is an amazing new App Store designed for emerging countries.


What's great about it?

_No need an email address to start downloading the apps. 
_All the apps are FREE, no app will trick you by making you pay a download fee. 
_If you have a slow internet connection, no worries! You can stop the download at any time and restart from where you stopped, the information already downloaded will not be lost
_Data is reduced to the minimum to fit any size of hardware internal memory
Mobogenie Mobogenie is pre-installed in every Dream Mobile device.
To get more information about Mobogenie click here!

An African Software

Dream Mobile is a company that is Proud to be African. We want to spread technology over the continent and this goes through promoting the local apps.

The Dream OS is tailored for the African market and includes many apps developed in Africa for Africans.

You will find these apps on our African Package on Mobogenie and soon directly preloaded on our devices.

Let us know if you discover an amazing African app and we will promote it! For that matter, feel free to contact us!

 Proudly African

 Customized For Everyone

"_You like cricket or rugby but you don’t know how to get live scores on your mobile?

_You like cooking but don’t know which app is the best to read recipes on your tablet?

_You are a student and would like to improve the way you study on your tablet?

_You love gaming and would like to discover more amazing games?"


 Don’t worry, we got it all set for you!

The DreamOS is customizable to fit everyone’s needs.

Go on the App Store and you will find there many packages for sport lovers, cooking addicts, students or gamers.

This way your Dream Mobile device will only feature apps you really use, thus improving its internal memory!