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Hassel-Free Business Services

Whether you are a small business looking for a Hassel-Free mobile communicative solutions, or if you are a large corporate entity, requiring specific devices and with aligned functionalities, we are here to help. Our expertise lies in developing customized solutions to fit your every communicative needs.

Devices tailored to your needs 

Have you ever wished you could open a device in its packaging and hand it directly to your employee or customer without even turning it on yourself?

With the Dream Mobile turnkey prospect, now you can. Never again worry about your mobile hardware needs. We provide devices customized to suit all your needs, right out of the box.

Method: We sit with you to create a turnkey solution. Saving you time and money. Your devices can come preinstalled with any software you need, settings already prepared and with a RICA activated SIM card.

Create the Solution that Fits Your Needs : YOUR SOLUTION

With our experience in mobile communications, mobile hardware and software development, we provide consulting services to ensure that you acquire solutions that will suit your needs best.

We help you cut through the confusing array of options to find the product and services that best cover your needs.

In fact, we help businesses to:

1_ Install customized apps to work seamlessly with their devices,

2_ Guide businesses through the transition to our mobile solutions,

3_Help businesses create cost effective solutions that fit their budget, their time constraints and their business needs.

Manufacturing and after-sales expertise

With years of experience working in global manufacturing and delivery logistics, we help your company by managing our suppliers around the globe. With particular specialty in working with Chinese technology manufacturing, we help smooth the process from choosing the right factory to seamless delivery of your goods into your warehouse.

We’ve developed expertise in managing this supply chain whether you need help managing your manufacturing factory, getting the right certifications, or ensuring hassel-free timely delivery and quality of your goods.

We help you avoid some of the pitfalls and difficulties that come with global supply chains of the technologically complex products.

Control Your Company Devices Like Never Before

With the mobile management software we offer, you control what your employees or users are able to access and use on the devices. Our software enables you to block specific apps, prevent calling or texting, or selectively choose when your staff can use these functions. We help customize a solution for you, saving you time, stress and lots of airtime.

Devices Designed For Your Needs

Do you have a very specific function or need from your devices not available in today’s mass market? We help you design, manufacture and fulfill these needs in providing you with devices tailored to your business needs or for your customers.

Our expertise throughout the electronics manufacturing supply chain means we can help you create a brand new device or adapt current devices to fit whatever you need.

Business Partnerships

Are you a software developer with a great solution but no device? Have you built an incredible software solution that solves your customer’s problem better than anything else on the market, but have no device to use it on?

Let’s partner up and together we will provide your customers with the full solution. Give your customer the full package and generate more sales.


Dream Mobile has partnered to create an array of customized software products tailored for use on our smartphones, for both final customers and business customers all like.

Salt Data Crushing: We’ve developed unique data compression technology that compresses data on your mobile device, enabling you to do more with the same amount of data.

Dream Portal: Our white label content store app delivers any type of content extremely efficiently on mobile devices. The robust backend enables you to simply and easily manage any type of content, be it apps, music, video, educational material or something else.

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